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Dr. David L. Bradford is co-author (with Dr. Allen Cohen) of the book Managing For Excellence. In the late 1980's, Wilson Learning worked with both Bradford and Cohen to develop the program Managing for Excellence (MFE and in the mid-1990's, the program took on a new name when it was being revised, relaunching it as Leading for Growth (LFG). Wilson Learning has maintained an ongoing relationship with Bradford.

Dr. Steve Buchholz is the President and Founder of Emergence, whose purpose is to “help discover the potential in people.” He is a recognized leader in the field of change management. Along with Harry Woodward, Steve authored the business best seller Aftershock: Helping People Through Corporate Change. Steve has also written The Positive Manager and Creating High Performance Teams.

Formerly, Dr. Buchholz was Vice President of Wilson Learning Corporation responsible for researching business trends and translating the findings into learning interventions for corporations. He was a founding partner of The Inventure Group, focused on leadership and life coaching. Wilson Learning has maintained an ongoing relationship with Buchholz.


Wilson Learning's relationship with Dr. Allen Cohen, and Dr. David L. Bradford started in the late 1980's. Cohen co-authored a book with Bradford titled, Managing For Excellence and Wilson Learning worked with them to develop the program Managing for Excellence (MFE). In the mid-1990s (1995-1996), the program took on a new name when it was being revised, relaunching it as Leading for Growth (LFG). Wilson Learning has maintained an ongoing relationship with Cohen.



Wilson Learning and best-selling author David McNally have formed a strategic alliance to provide learning conferences that help organizations thrive by inspiring passion and commitment to change. The combination of McNally’s powerful motivational keynotes and Wilson Learning’s flexible, integrated learning solutions can turn a sales meeting into a turning point for your sales force.

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Wilson Learning began working with Dr. William Miller in 1992. The first output of the relationship was Innovation Styles and Tools, a one-day program focused on individual creativity. A couple of years later (1993-94) the relationship began expanding beyond individual creativity to team and company issues. The results was the Innovation In Action series which included Innovation Styles and Tools, but added additional modules on The Creative Journey, Taking Initiative, and Strategic Innovation Management (SIMAP).


Wilson Learning and William Ury have been partnering for many years. Dr. William L. Ury co-founded Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, where he currently directs the Global Negotiation Project. He is co-author (with Roger Fisher) of Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, a five-million-copy bestseller translated into more than 20 languages. The negotiation techniques in this book serve as the foundation for Wilson Learning's Negotiating to Yes sales and leadership effectiveness offerings.

Convergys is Wilson Learning's partner in hosting our e-learning solutions. Some of our most common and highly used solutions are also available via online learning, which helps to supplement and extend the learning beyond a physical classroom. The Counselor Salesperson, The Versatile Salesperson, and Inbound Sales Excellence are Wilson Learning's three main programs that are hosted on the Convergys Platform.

Hogan Assessment Systems provides the industry standard in research-based personality assessment and development products that enhance the predictive power of employee selection and development. With over 20 years of experience in delivering positive, proven results across a broad range of industries, Hogan Assessment Systems helps CEOs, executives and HR professionals maximize the effectiveness of their individuals and organizations.


The Innovator Company develops strategic focusing products and provides consulting services in all industry segments.

The Innovator is a process for conducting a strategic group dialog that uses voting software and wireless handheld keypads to focus the discussion by quickly and anonymously prioritizing issues and ideas.


Our mission is to help people create purposeful work and lead purposeful lives. Our inspiration comes from people who lead a life of significance..


Wilson Learning and Quarto Consulting LTD have been business partners for over 10 years. We have jointly delivered large scale programs of change together sharing in the design, development delivery and the evaluation of these change interventions. Quarto has provided invaluable content and design specifically in our programs, Consulting With Clients and Turning Information into Sales.



Red Cup Learning is Wilson Learning's partner in providing the solution: Upfront Persuasion through Presentation. Organizations that take advantage of UPFRONT will develop and deliver more clear, concise, and compelling presentations that have an immediate impact on effectively influencing any audience into action.

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