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Life Sciences

Life Sciences is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic marketplaces, as well as one of the most challenging business environments in which to compete. Traditional sources of differentiation such as patent protection and speed-to-market can be short-lived. And not even the development and FDA approval of “blockbuster drugs” or medical devices can ensure long-term sales success. Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical equipment organizations must be forward-thinking, nimble, flexible, and resilient.

Real Solutions

We have a Life Sciences Performance Group that is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, and all life sciences companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This team includes former industry insiders and professionals, now working as performance improvement consultants, who understand the challenges life sciences organizations face because they’ve been there.

Educating & Training the Brand Sustainment Team: a Critical Success Factor

Sales Professionals

Sales Managers, and
Medical Liaisons
Learning through Engagement (ILT and Virtual)
Product and Disease State Learning Modules
HCP Focused Value-Based Selling Skills
Product Launch Execution
Simulation and Gaming
Sales Approach Sheet

Healthcare Providers

Executive Hospital
Leaders, KOLs,
Physicians, and Nurses
Informed and Committed
Leadership Development
Product and Disease State Learning Modules
Patient Education Materials and Programs
Speaker Materials
Product Launch and Sustainment "The Experience"
Health Care Providers Approach Sheet

Marketing Executives

Brand Managers and
Creative Execution and Life Cycle Management
Strategic Integrated Communication and Consulting
Effective Decision-Making and Presentation Skills
Influencing and Negotiating Development of the Campaign
Marketing Approach Sheet

      Differentiate salesforce, products and company:
      deliver cutting-edge knowledge, present clinical studies

      Sales Effectiveness Solutions
      • Move the salesforce from selling products to solving problems
      • Build skills to differentiate, influence and negotiate
      • Maximize teaming and collaboration

      Support brand message:
      communicate value, gain trust, sustain brand

      Workforce Effectiveness Solutions
      • Apply versatility to calls and internal communication
      • Effectively manage interpersonal relationship with customers
      • Develop an effective communication platform

      Improve Performance:
      equip leaders to drive accountability, provide coaching, engage teams

      Leadership Effectiveness Solutions
      • Consistently reinforce and maintain extending learning
      • Blend coaching and leadership development opportunities that improve production
      • Develop ability to lead high-performance teams

      Attract and retain top performers:
      adapt to needs of varying generations, ignite talent

      Assessment and Development Solutions
      • Attract and select top talent
      • Identify rewards and consequences for high and low performance
      • Measure impact of training on behavior and performance
      • Revisit competencies and implement planned assessment