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Wilson Learning’s proven content, skills, and tools offer a powerful learning platform for improving performance and delivering business results. We can build a customized solution on the foundation of existing programs to make sure your learning initiatives reflect your market environment, your customers, your goals, and your strategy.

We have a wide variety of customization options available, and expert consultants to help you determine what needs to be tailored to your audience, and how it should be done. Whether you are looking for a few examples and terminology to reflect your environment, or you need application exercises or a custom case study, Wilson Learning has the resources to provide you with exactly what you need. Customization to your specifications is an effective way to make sure your training efforts are aligned with the work context of your learners, wherever they may be located in the world.

Make sure your learning initiative is matched to your people, products, and markets

We know your business is unique. That’s why we offer more than just off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we’ll work with you to understand your specific issues. Once we’ve agreed on the right approach, we have the expert resources and flexibility to make sure every aspect of your learning initiative—from engaging participants prior to the workshop, to course content, delivery, follow-up coaching, and evaluation—is tailored to your organization’s needs, time frame, and budget. Whether you’d like content customized to your business environment or require "from scratch" learning modules, we can help.

We Offer Options:

Some organizations request a minimal level of tailoring—such as a name change for the course or the inclusion of terminology specific to their business. Others want a much more extensive customization, so that every component of the program reflects their business. We offer flexibility and responsiveness to your organization’s needs and special requirements.

Typical examples of customization (starting with less complex and ranging to highly complex) include:

  • Adding your company’s logo, changing the name of the course to align with an internal initiative, changing the wording of program materials to reflect your company’s culture or your industry, or adding a custom case study
  • Integrating components from more than one workshop, revising the leader materials, adding photos from your company’s work environment, or revising the content of Extended Learning components such as prework and reinforcement and application materials (This might mean creating new participant messages and assignments; changing existing wording to reflect the customized content; or adding unique pre- or post-session assignments, games, or other appropriate content.)
  • Creating an entirely new course or assessment outside of Wilson Learning’s existing offerings—In most cases, the content is proprietary to your company, yet is built with the full power of Wilson Learning’s global experts in curriculum design, learning transfer, and assessment (Examples include highly specialized courses on product knowledge, understanding and demonstrating client company values, safely operating sophisticated multi-million dollar equipment, and implementing cutting-edge medical diagnostic and treatment innovations.)

The Consultation and Customization Process

Our consultants will start with a discussion of your goals and strategy to make sure we align with where your business is today and where you are going. We’ll help fine-tune your learning objectives and match program content with the outcomes you need to achieve. Our proven content will be customized to your industry, your learners, your products, your processes, and even your customers. And if your organization needs content or program elements we don’t have, we’ll partner with specialty content providers, or build them for you—working together at every step with you and your designated project team.

"It fits our work and sales ethics . . . It takes what we have already learned and builds upon that . . .
Overall knowledge about the industry . . . Real-world and relevant to our sales process."
Client Participant

Steps to Customization

Wilson Learning Worldwide has decades of experience customizing programs for our clients. We make the process easy and hassle-free as we collaborate with your project team. We follow a proven protocol to ensure all projects are done right the first time, and are completed on time and within budget.

Project Flow Diagram

This step-by-step customization process is efficient, highly interactive, and quality controlled. (Some of these steps may be expanded or contracted, depending on the level of customization required.)