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Identifying exactly what capabilities are needed by different groups of employees can be time consuming, and it takes the right tools and expertise to know what kinds of developmental and learning experiences are required. Whether you are developing high-potential employees for future roles or offering needed skills to improve performance for a particular group, Wilson Learning can provide the expertise to develop a learning map that matches the right learning with required competencies and skills.

Learning Architecture. . . mapping learning to deliver the skills your people need

Wilson Learning has the tools and expert consultants to help you systematically map a learning path so your employees can develop the competencies and skills they need to improve performance or implement important strategic initiatives.

Whether you have conducted your own competency study or wish to have us implement a competency analysis (e.g., through focus groups or a survey), we can help identify the skills needed to attain development goals. Once competencies and skills have been determined, we will work with you to lay out a developmental path for each group of competencies. The result is a Learning Architecture that maps programs and other learning experiences against the needed skills, providing a way to ensure each group of employees will acquire the knowledge and tools they need to perform effectively in each competency area.