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How do you convert high potential into high performance? Changing the habits and practices of your potential high performers requires a serious investment of money, time, and attention. When that investment is limited to training, it may not be enough to ensure the acquisition of new behaviors that will achieve the desired performance. This is where Wilson Learning’s High-Performance Coaching can help.

High-Performance Coaching services provides access to a team of exceptionally qualified coaches who are extensively trained and knowledgeable about Wilson Learning’s research. These coaches offer experience working one on one with a wide variety of high-potential individuals. Our coaches use a versatile coaching approach that supports the breadth of Wilson Learning’s content and assessment solutions.

High-Performance Coaching closes the gap between high potential and high performance. HPC contributes to succession planning and retention initiatives by preparing high-potential individuals for critical roles.

Selected coaches matched to your situation

Wilson Learning takes great care in matching High-Performance Coaches with clients. Our coaches are selected based on their business and coaching experience and successful tenure at Wilson Learning. They are certified in Wilson Learning’s content and assessment solutions. Their training also includes a development process that ensures their ability to apply best coaching practices across industries, organization levels, and location around the world.

The One-on-One Coaching Approach

The High-Performance Coaching approach is both flexible and adaptable. High-Performance Coaches work together with client sponsors and coaching clients to design experiences that achieve critical goals.

  • A Coaching Engagement begins by clarifying and aligning the goals of the individual with the strategic goals of the organization.
  • A series of individual Growth Assignments and Coaching Sessions (generally one hour in duration) ensure goal attainment and performance results over the course of the engagement. These are virtual or face-to-face, one-on-one sessions conducted in a confidential environment.
  • An Engagement Summary at the conclusion of the planned sessions documents impact and growth, and explores recommendations and plans for the future.

Our High-Performance Coaches focus on transforming learning into performance with an emphasis on Sales, Leadership, and Individual Effectiveness at both the individual contributor and leadership levels.

When you might use a coach

Your organization should consider HPC to support:

  • Assessment: Our coaches help interpret assessment feedback (including 360) and provide the means to turn information into insight that leads to higher performance.
  • Critical human performance improvement goals: High-Performance Coaches can help change behaviors and instill best practices at both the individual contributor and leadership levels.
  • Content workshops: Our coaches help individuals apply newly learned skills to the workplace and ensure greater transfer of learning to the job.

This service, like all other offerings from Wilson Learning, can be integrated with your operational processes and can be customized to reflect your management environment and business priorities.