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Product Launch and Technical Training

A new product launch is one of the most critical initiatives a company can undertake. It is essential for the success of the product that sales and marketing understand the product, its market and the competitive environment. If the launch process is not handled with care and expertise, the company’s R&D investment and its position in the market can be at risk. Wilson Learning has the expertise and the tools to ensure a successful launch.

Wilson Learning also offers technical training expertise. This service can support a product launch by providing the sales force with the knowledge they need to present the product’s features and advantages to customers. Technical training can also be provided to support the installation of new technology or tools that employees need to understand and use effectively.

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Launching the product for successful roll out

Wilson Learning’s experienced consultants can help you determine the specific requirements of a new product launch, starting with identifying strategic goals for the launch and the unique knowledge and skills needed by key stakeholders (e.g., sales force, distribution channels) to bring the product successfully to customers. Stakeholders may need knowledge of the product and its features and benefits, as well as an understanding of how to position the product with respect to competing products. Once the specific requirements have been established in cooperation with key product and marketing specialists, Wilson Learning has the capability to establish a process for both product and sales training.

For past product launch engagements, Wilson Learning has worked with internal company experts and external agencies to create a complete launch system, combining introductory activities and information to establish motivation and excitement among participants, followed by customized product training based on the company’s requirements.

As needed, sales training and technical training on the product provides the sales force with the processes and knowledge to successfully present the product to customers and respond to competitive challenges. Varied technology can be used to introduce, reinforce, and follow up on the launch, the technical training, and final roll out. This might include the use of web presentations, videos, virtual and in-person classroom training, and web-accessible information and structured application activities.

These same methods and approaches can be used to support technical training independent of a product launch context, such as training employee to understand, buy in to, and use new equipment, software, technology, and other tools.

Wilson Learning’s experienced consultants and facilitators will work with your organization to identify your needs and provide a highly customized launch and learning experience combining Wilson Learning’s proven program content with customized components built around the specific requirements of your industry, product, and competitive environment.