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Strategic Focus Workshops

When a company is preparing to launch a significant strategic initiative, it is important that all stakeholders share the same understanding of the objectives, the critical success factors, the potential barriers, and the process for achieving the strategic goal. The leadership group or team charged with the success of the initiative needs to be aligned, fully invested in the undertaking, and ready to take on the required roles and responsibilities. Wilson Learning has a successful track record of using a proven process for gaining alignment and planning for a strategic initiative.

Strategic Focus and Strategic Alignment

To achieve strategic alignment among stakeholders and establish a common understanding of goals and plans, Wilson Learning’s highly trained business consultants can help you design and implement a Strategic Focus Workshop. The purpose is to provide a structured, creative forum that allows participants – from executives to designated planning groups -- to gain alignment and make decisions regarding organizational performance around the planned initiative.

The workshop is a type of "search conference," bringing together stakeholders to define and agree upon an action plan beneficial to the entire organization. The format of the workshop is flexible. A Wilson Learning Senior Consultant will take you through a planning process to make sure the workshop’s goals and activities will meet your requirements. Typical activities include structured discussions and sharing of information and points of view to agree on common objectives, action steps, critical success factors, barriers, and roles and responsibilities.

The facilitated workshop can be used to ensure successful planning at the organizational, divisional, or departmental levels. What often takes weeks or months now takes days or even hours. A process that frequently produces wrangling and stonewalling now results in a high degree of consensus, alignment, and collaboration.

The key benefits for the organization include building consensus for moving forward, using collaborative tools to build a body of information and plans that can provide direction for improved organizational performance.

As a result of the session, participants can:

  • Gain alignment around organizational development and strategic priorities.
  • Identify current assumptions and beliefs about the business and about organizational performance.
  • Help participants identify and decide on a handful of key outcomes that become the focus of an agreed-upon action plan.