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Strategic Implementation

Based on decades of experience, Wilson Learning highly recommends that every learning experience be implemented in a way that takes into account multiple factors: your business strategy and goals; your organizational culture; the specific skills, tools, and concepts being presented; and the results expected.

Well-managed implementation—the key to strategic success and ROI

Once we have worked together to identify the learning solution that is right for your organization, we will partner with your training professionals to determine the objectives and outcomes you expect to achieve. We will then work with you to establish a complete learning system designed to ensure the learning is effective and that new skills and tools are applied on the job.

This type of complete system takes the place of the traditional training model, in which most of the emphasis was placed on a single learning event. Today, Wilson Learning is committed to an approach that emphasizes a continuous learning experience—one that begins before the actual learning event, and ends weeks or months later with practice activities, application to real work situations, coaching, feedback, and reinforcement.

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Flexibility and Options
To make sure your strategic implementation meets all your organization’s requirements and ensures the results you expect, Wilson Learning offers an array of ways to create exactly the right learning plan:

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  • Virtual Delivery. If your organization needs to deliver some or all of the learning virtually, we can provide that capability.
  • Blended Learning. You can combine a variety of delivery methods, such as a webcast to launch the program, a face-to-face learning session to deliver the bulk of the content, and online activities and tools for reinforcement after the session.
  • Custom Timing and Delivery. You can also determine how you want to divide the learning, in terms of the right timing and breakout of content. We can create shorter “mini-modules,” for example, that offer more convenient timing for your learners.
  • Multiple Sites and Global Delivery. Some of our clients require delivery in multiple locations, or even global delivery. Multiple-location and international delivery can be done with our traditional in-person workshops using our cadre of global facilitators, or via our well-tested virtual classroom.

Regardless of what components or elements are included in the final design, the objective is to provide an end-to-end implementation system that meets the needs of learners and ensures they will use the new tools and skills, and that the system as a whole provides results that support your company’s business strategy.