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Wilson Learning periodically hosts webinars on various Human Performance Improvement topics. These online events provide insight from our thought leaders and are designed to serve as forums for discussing industry best practices and Wilson Learning capabilities.

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MoneyForLunch Radio Interview

The customer's buying process has changed, is your sales process obsolete? Bert Martinez interviews David Yesford of Wilson Learning Worldwide to discuss strategies to increase sales win rates and profitability. David outlines three questions every sales manager and every sales person should ask at the beginning of the sales process. Asking these three questions will help to ensure only good deals will be closed. (Segment begins at 15:50 minute mark on link below.)

Webcast: "4 Levels of Leadership Success"

Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader? Today, leaders need to know how to lead on multiple levels – requiring an expanded perspective of leadership. By understanding these levels you can begin to apply your leadership purpose, create sense of excitement in the workplace, and help others achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Sales Topics

How often are your salespeople sacrificing profitability in favor of price cutting to close a sale? When customers push back, do they cave in? If you’ve been telling your team to sell on value rather than price, and you’re not seeing the results you expect, maybe your salespeople need the know-how to negotiate. Are your salespeople only connecting with 25% of their customers? Learn more with these 5 podcasts (each 3-6 minutes):

  1. They don’t call high or wide enough, and don’t know how to speak with strategic buyers when they do get to the C-suite.
  2. They leave money on the table because they aren’t maximizing their negotiations.
  3. They end up stuck in conversations about price, not value.
  4. They chase phantom opportunities, wasting valuable time and resources.
  5. They only connect with 25% of their customers.

  • Creating Real Differentiation

    This informative 14-minute podcast will highlight how salespeople are "selling value" only to learn that the value isn't that important to the customers. Learn how you can create real differentiation that customers are willing to pay for. Listen to examples of salespeople who have created unique solutions that made a difference in their customers' business and couldn't be easily replicated by other suppliers.

  • Is Your Customer Base at Risk?

    This informative 11-minute podcast will highlight risks companies face regarding competitive threats. You will also be introduced to a key strategy that will help you cement your customer relationships and keep competitors from getting a foothold in your customer accounts. Hear examples of how sales people have built strong value for their customers and at the same time erected barriers to keep the competition out.


Sales Topics

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