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Wilson Learning and many of our close partners have published books that provide more insights into the principles and ideas behind our programs. We invite you to explore a selection of some of these useful tomes below.

The Power of a Positive No: How to Say No and Still Get to Yes
By William Ury
ISBN: 0553804987
Based on William Ury’s celebrated Harvard University course for managers and professionals, The Power of a Positive No offers concrete advice and practical examples for saying No in virtually any situation. Whether you need to say No to your customer or your coworker, your employee or your CEO, your child or your spouse, you will find in this book the secret to saying No clearly, respectfully, and effectively.
Win-Win Selling: The Original 4-Step Counselor Approach for Building Long-Term Relationships with Buyers
By Wilson Learning
ISBN: 9077256016
Four decades after Larry Wilson pioneered the Counselor selling approach, this book gives you the original 4-step process for building Long-Term Relationships with Buyers. A million salespeople who use the Counselor method will tell you how profoundly revolutionary and powerful it is because it puts the customer’s needs and problems first. As a Counselor seller, you become a trusted problem solver for your customers, creating a win-win situation for you, your customer, and the organization.
Versatile Selling: Adapting Your Style So Customers Say "YES!"
By Wilson Learning
ISBN: 9077256032
Versatile Selling combines the art of selling with the ability to adapt your approach in order to sell in a way that customers want to buy. This book helps people understand their own style and how to identify other people's styles. Versatility puts your customers at ease so that they feel more comfortable working with you and improves your success rate. Versatility is a powerful yet simple way to treat customers the way they want to be treated. It gets you and the customer to “Yes” sooner by leveraging the human side of the sale.
The Social Styles Handbook: Find Your Comfort Zone and Make Your Partner, Family, Friends and Co-Workers Comfortable with You
By Wilson Learning
ISBN: 9077256040
This handbook helps you understand yourself and others in a non-judgmental, proven, productive way. When you know your own style and adapt it to others' Social Styles, communication gets easier, conflict lessens, and your influence increases. Many say it's a life changing-experience.
Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
By William Ury & Roger Fisher
ISBN: 0140157352
Getting to Yes has sold over two million copies worldwide making it the best selling book in negotiations. It is recognized as one of the most effective and practical guides to negotiation and has helped millions of people secure win-win outcomes in constructive negotiations. This book cuts through the jargon to a few easily remembered principles that will guide you to success, no matter what the other side does.
Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontation to Cooperation
By William Ury
ISBN: 0553371312
We all want to get to yes, but what happens when the other person keeps saying no? How can you negotiate successfully with a stubborn boss, an irate customer, or a deceitful coworker? In Getting Past No, William Ury of Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation offers a proven breakthrough strategy for turning adversaries into negotiating partners. Getting Past No is the state-of-the-art book on negotiation for the twenty-first century. It will help you deal with tough times, tough people, and tough negotiations. You don’t have to get mad or get even. Instead, you can get what you want!
The One Minute Salesperson
By Larry Wilson & Spencer Johnson
ISBN: 0739307681
Larry Wilson and Spencer Johnson use their storytelling skills to teach principles of selling. Techniques such as preparing for and visualizing success are part of the formula, but the most valuable idea is to spend a full minute before each sales encounter focusing on what is best for the customer. Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine.
Stop Selling, Start Partnering: The New Thinking About Finding and Keeping Customers
By Larry Wilson & Hersch Wilson
ISBN: 0471147419
Stop Selling, Start Partnering outlines a fresh approach to finding and keeping customers through powerful, long-lasting partnerships. Drawing on his extensive experience with companies such as Kodak, Saturn, and Baxter Healthcare, Larry Wilson shows managers, executives, and salespeople how to design and nurture "customer-keeping" organizations.
After-Shock: Helping People Through Corporate Change
By Wilson Learning Corporation, Harry Woodward, and Steve Bucholz
ISBN: 0471624780
A practical, hands-on guide to helping employees through the often painful process of organizational change — whether from technological innovation, limited resources, or new management. Based on years of experience, this field-tested book will teach the crucial skills and strategies to help managers deal with their co-workers' reactions to change; minimize the disruptions in productivity, creativity, and worker relationships; and make the transition a positive experience. Each section includes a step-by-step treatment of tactics, case-studies of real situations, dialogues, and illustrations. Also includes a list of references.
Even Eagles Need Pushing
By David McNally
ISBN: 0722527594
In this inspiring yet practical book, David McNally presents his unique and personal process for becoming a confident, empowered person. You will create a powerful mission and a meaningful vision for your life. Most importantly, you will learn how to access the courage, determination, and commitment necessary to achieve your dreams. Even Eagles has helped thousands of people cut through negativism, break the shackles of doubt and guilt, and burst forth into the future with a vigor and a sense of purpose previously unknown to them. Filled with wisdom and reflective exercises, this book will be a constant source of reference and inspiration for years to come.
Changing The Game: The New Way To Sell
By Larry Wilson
ISBN: 0671671359
Sales pros know that we are in the midst of one of the most turbulent and competitive periods in the history of selling. There are more players in the game, and the game is far mole complex. Customers want innovation. They want custom-made solutions to their problems, and they want them now. The risks are greater, but so are the opportunities and rewards. The top salespeople—the people Larry Wilson quotes and profiles in this book—know this. They’ve changed the game of selling, and they have become very successful doing it. They know they have to be leaders within their own organizations, and they know that when it comes to their customers, the strategy of the future is cooperation and teamwork, not confrontation. In Changing the Game, Larry Wilson draws on his thirty years of experience as a thinker and innovator in selling. He was founder of the Wilson Learning Corporation, one of the largest sales training organizations in the world, and coauthor of the business bestseller The One-Minute Salesperson with Dr. Spencer Johnson. His latest venture, the Pecos River Learning Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is dedicated to helping corporations and the individuals who work for them create the powerful teams that will be the keys to future business success. Changing the Game is Larry Wilson’s latest and boldest thinking about the future of selling—a future that is as close as tomorrow’s first sales call.
Play To Win
By Larry Wilson
ISBN: 188516761X
Larry Wilson is a case study in how the self-help business has "gone corporate." He founded Wilson Learning Corporation in 1965, sold that company, and in 1983 started Pecos River, a training and consulting firm specializing in "accelerating and facilitating individual and organizational change and growth." Pecos River is now Pecos River Change Management Division of Aon Consulting Worldwide, a firm that can trace its own lineage back to insurance tycoon and self-help maven W. Clement Stone's Combined Insurance Company of America. With a nod to Abraham Maslow and his theory of self-actualization, the Wilsons challenge readers to "thrive instead of survive," grow up emotionally and spiritually, and think in new ways. For them winning is not beating out others but avoiding the mindset of simply "playing not to lose." Presented effectively in low-key, straightforward fashion, this book is based on techniques Wilson's firm has developed and utilized in work with more than 500,000 persons. Packed with time-tested techniques and real-life case studies, this work and life field guide is based on the famous training program of the same name. Now you can put this powerful resource to work in your search for fulfillment in your professional and personal life.
The Eagle's Secret: Success Strategies for Thriving at Work and in Life
By David McNally
ISBN: 0440508452
David McNally, peak-performance consultant to businesses and author of Even Eagles Need A Push, returns with an inspiring and timely look at a problem faced by more and more of us. In today's dynamic global economy, the old rules for how to succeed--indeed, how to even stay employed--have been radically changed. The restructuring and re-engineering of our workplaces demanded by the new landscape of technology, international competition and communications now requires us to apply the lessons learned by organizations to our own professional and personal lives; what's needed now is a restructuring and re-engineering of ourselves. Combining a highly readable blend of a seminar's worth of exercises, research-driven insights, and inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, David McNally guides us through seven chapters, each illustrating the attitudes and behaviors needed to navigate this new world of work. The Eagle's Secret teaches us how to trust ourselves and find the strengths that allow us not only to survive, but thrive.
Be Your Own Brand: A Breakthrough Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd
By David McNally
ISBN: 1576752720
Brands are typically associated with products and businesses, but David McNally and Karl Speak suggest the same concept can be applied to individuals and relationships, with powerful results. Be Your Own Brand shows how personal branding, like product branding, creates a special type of relationship fueled by a strong belief system and tied to an emotional connection. The authors help readers understand the importance of relationships as the currency for success in their personal and business lives. They present specific tools for success that include simple principles that define the characteristics of a branded relationship; a clear model that defines one's unique personal brand; and a way to distill the essence of that brand into a meaningful and actionable "brand promise." This blueprint for "personal branding" will help all readers achieve maximum career success - quickly and permanently - without personal compromise or selling out.
Service Excellence @ Novell
By Best Practice Editors
ISBN: 9077256113
Ten years ago, Novell's customer service division was doing fine - pleasing customers and keeping them loyal. But in a high-impact transformation, the division raised its sights. Today it also contributes significantly to the company's profitability. What happened? From the executives to the front line people, everyone changed the way they work to support Novell's strategy: make customer service a competitive advantage that attracts new customers while growing current customers' business.
Going for the Green
By Doug Peterson
ISBN: 0970690991
This book demonstrates what is possible when a salesperson focuses on their customer's business success. As a salesperson reading Going For The Green, the book takes you along a path of discovery and self analysis. Creating compelling business solutions and differentiating yourself and your organization is critical in selling today. Unlike most books about selling, Doug Petersen takes you on a real-as-life journey to sell the message that top performing salespeople must think strategically. The golf allegory helps bring meaning to the concepts outlined in the book and executive summaries at the end of each chapter serve as great reinforcement. A must read for salespeople who think they've mastered the sales process.